On Canglford Nock

    Where it all began.

    Once upon a time, some fairies lived in a magical land,

    they had many adventures and learned many things along the way!

    Come and learn along with them...

  • Read from the very beginning and meet the 

    Fairies on Canglford Nock.....

    In "FAIRY BOOTS", they help a poorly little girl 

    by giving her a magic pair of boots 

    which help her to see life and her situation

    a little differently.

    Then journey into the fairies' magical kingdom 

    and see them in their own world for the very first time.

    Beautifully illustrated by Claire James,


     is the perfect bedtime book for anyone who believes in fairies​

    Four brand new adventures featuring the fairy folk,

    can be found in Tales On Canglford Nock Volume 1.

     Join the fairies as they learn about

    love, kindness, being brave and doing what is right.


    Then in Volume 2, meet four more of our fairy friends

    as they help others to overcome their fears and

    ​become better versions of themselves!