On Canglford Nock

    A Guide to "who's who" in the magical world,

     "On Canglford Nock".

  • shabby-annies

    The Fairies on Canglford Nock.

    Imogen Shimmersprite - the kindest, happiest fairy

    on all of Canglford Nock.

    Lacey Cobweb - if you are in need of help and a little encouragement she's the one to call.

    Mollie Mossmuddle - the mamma of the group she bakes - and takes care of everyone! 

    Summer Sunflower - will brighten up even the gloomiest day with her sunny smile.

    Willow Glitternut - the naughty one who can't wait to cause mischief, so look out!

    Layla Moonbeam - A thoughtful true friend, when Layla's around wishes are granted and dreams really do come true.

    and introducing......

    Finnan Thistleberry, Daniel Dragonfly,

    Samuel Thistlefoot, Arrann Winterbuck,

    Alex Woodstripe,​ Obi Cricketheart, 

    Owen Ferntwig, Ethan Tigermoth, 

     Keane Beetlebug, Theo Bumblebutt, 

    and Thomas Pinetwist

  • Katie Pufflegust


    A trainee witch attempts to conjure her way to the top of the class.

    Elenki Whifflewish

    Atinka Tiger Blue & Maisie the Amazing Moth


    A lonely caterpillar finds a friend and saves the day.

    Olivia Cottonfog


     This little fairy makes everyone's wishes come true.

  • The Mushroom Babies


    Get ready to meet this enchanting toadstool family.....

    Shiitake Mo, Slippery Jack, Chanterelle, Honey Su, Fuzzy Foot,

    Fun Gus and Baby Button